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Don't Risk a Dryer Fire!

Obstructed dryer vents are expensive and dangerous. Restricted dryer vent systems can:

  • result in fires
  • make for very slow drying
  • cost you money in gas and electricity
  • cause dryer failures and repairs
dryer Fire For dryers to operate properly there must be an unrestricted vent path to the outside to remove moisture and lint from your laundry. Obstructing this air flow can cause a build up of heat in the duct and dryer, possibly leading to a fire. The dryer also continues to operate without effectively drying using excess electricity and gas. Occasionally we see rodent and bird nests that must be removed. If this dryer vent system is not functioning correctly our technicians can correct it for you. Dryer manufacturers recommend annual inspection and or cleaning of dryer ducts. A clean dryer vent will save you money!

Before cleaning vent
Inside Vent Before Cleaning
After cleaning vent
Inside Vent After Cleaning
To self-inspect your vent pull your dryer away from the wall and remove the flexible connection from the dryer. Run the dryer and see if it now drys faster venting to the room. If it does your vent system needs cleaning. Call us at 909-989-8233 to have a technician service your vent.

Have your dryer vent cleaned annually to avoid dryer vent fires.

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